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Monday, August 24, 2009

Next Big Reboot

just watched a TED video by Juan Enriquez. he talks about the next big reboot - merging of biology, technology, and next evolution of human beings as humanoids. He is really funny and does make sense (at least for me!). I do believe that we will merge with technology so beyond imagination, it will be tough for us to draw the line. But, as Stephen Hawking said, we are probably the only self-destroying species. We can very capable of using technology to destroy ourselves. Remember Hiroshima?

Check out http://www.ted.com/talks/juan_enriquez_shares_mindboggling_new_science.html

Friday, August 21, 2009

Eternal Living

Do you wonder what it means if human beings can live up to 1000 years? Do you think it could ever happen?
I believe that there is a reason why "nothing" lasts "for ever". Even the universe, the stars, the planets, animals, birds, structures, cultures, empires, and pretty much anything I can think of has a life. Yes, it could be from several billion years to few days to few seconds. Nevertheless, everything eventually "dies" (not necessarily in biological sense).
When I heard Aubrey de Grey shares his idea of human beings (any living beings for that matter) living up to 1000 years by "engineering" the solution for the "disease" of aging, I did agree partially with him. I agree that we can push the limit continuously and eventually have a much longer life than what we have today. But, how far is still a question in my mind. Can we push the limit so far that we attain the "escape velocity" as Aubrey calls it and end up living up to 1000 years? I do not know.
After all, he is not talking about living "for ever". So, that's really good. But, what are the implications to us as individuals and to the society if we all start living that long? I can think of several good reasons to live and at the same time think of all the negative effects of that. If you ask me if I want to live that long, my answer would be yes, provided I am living healthy (physically and mentally), wealthy, and have people who love me around. Obviously, I'd hate to live that long if I am terribly sick or have no memory or have no one who loves me or have no money to support myself.
I suppose, after several years of us living that long, 1000 years may look quite normal and we all will adopt to that fully and would treat it no different from 100 years today. We may study for 100 years, work for 500-600 years and then live a retired life for another few hundred years!!!
Anyway, I am sure we all can go on and on arguing about if this is a good thing or bad thing. Form your own opinions after watching http://www.ted.com/talks/aubrey_de_grey_says_we_can_avoid_aging.html. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Size of Living Beings

Have you ever wondered about the size of living beings on earth? I have. In fact, I have been thinking about this and having theories in my head about this for a long time. Although I wanted to write about this, never got around doing it.

Some time back I read about this giant frog that lived (not happily ever after though) about 70 million years ago. Supposedly this frog (named Beelzebufo, or "devil frog") was 16 in long and weighed about 10 lbs!! See the picture for comparison with frogs of today. You can read more about it here (NSF site).

Then I decided that it's time I get this out of my chest. I have a theory - "all living beings on earth continue to shrink its size including humans and plants". Although I have read several articles, blogs, etc. on human beings growing in size, I feel we are looking at a smaller time window. Over several million years, average size of all living beings seem to have reduced. Dinosaurs of massive size roamed earth, trees that are really tall existed, and even size of animals that we know have been reducing. We will see larger animals such as elephants, blue whales, etc. shrinking (or vanishing).

By the way, I do think this theory of most of the dinosaurs vanishing at one shot after meteor hit earth is wrong. I think, they all simply evolved into smaller ones. And some of them surely vanished because they just couldn't adapt. When I see a crocodile or a rhino or a simple chameleon or a house lizard, I see dinosaurs. Not as we saw them in Jurassic Park. But, an evolved and much smaller dinosaurs. Large flying ones changed to smaller birds. That's it!

Now, what could be the reason for this? I have no idea. Could earth's gravity or climatic conditions have anything to do with this? I am not an expert! Do living beings grow much larger if a planet's gravity is lower? I think so (I have no proof, but then, I am not publishing this in a science journal either!).

Here comes the real twist. Hindu mythology talks about size of humans shrinking from one "yuga" to another. We see pyramids (around the world) built with massive stones . We hear stories of "big foot" and "Yati". Hmmm... I wonder!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wow! That was easy!

This is my first blog here. It was much easier than I expected to start blogging. I hope to write all my random thoughts here. Feel free to comment.